How Does it Work?

How Does Decompression Work?

Damaged intervertebral discs seldom heal because they remain under constant pressure, even while a person is at rest. Spinal Decompression is designed to reduce pressure inside the discs by gently separating or distracting the injured spinal segments using a computer assisted table. The advancement of technology in decompression table design now ensures the most specific and reproducable targeting of the involved spinal segments requiring treatment.

Under distraction, pressure on the disc is reduced producing much relief within a short period of time. A series of treatments will be required depending upon the severity of the condition. This series of treatments progressively directs fluids, nutrients and oxygen to be worked back into the disc. This process actively drives rebuilding and accelerates the repair and eventual healing of damaged spinal discs.

In addition, accomplishing a reduction of intradiscal pressure helps draw a bulging or herniated disc back into its proper anatomic central position. This pressure reducing measure furthers it's beneficial effect by reducing often existing irritation upon compressed nerve root tissue (commonly described as nerve pain, tingling or numbing conditions).

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